About Us

Joseph M. Stover is the visionary founder who focuses on providing creative solutions to partners' needs. He demands and enforces quality services, integrity, and a strong commitment to establishing and maintaining relationships.





1978 - Joe Stover began handling scrap metal in the back of his pickup truck


1988 - Joe bought his first scrap metal yard in York


1998 - Marked the beginning of First Capital Fibers, Inc., a company dedicated to serving the secondary fiber market on an industrial scale


2007 - The company relocated from leased property at 256 West King Street to its present location at 500 North State Street





Today First Capital Fibers, Inc. operates out of 2 locations combined for over 60,000 square feet of processing and warehousing space in York, PA.  A state certified 120,000 lb. capacity truck scale, 9 loading docks, and a rail spur grace the over five acres owned by the Company.  Additional equipment includes an industrial shredder, 2 balers, large guillotine knives, fork lifts, roll clamps, and skid steerers.


We are proud of our diverse group of loyal employees all of whom are well trained, insured, and bonded.  Their commitment to customer service, safety, and continued education provides you increased profitability and quality services.


Our strong relationships within the scrap industry allow us to market material effectively and respond quickly to market changes.  Through our memberships in both ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries) and PSI (Paper Stock Industries) we remain abreast of the latest updates and trends in scrap processing.


Service agreements provide clear expectations of the service we provide, allowing you to hold us accountable to the high standards we set.





At First Capital Fibers, Inc. we believe it is our responsibility to give back and support not only the community in which we live but anywhere we can contribute and be of assistance.


  • The police department keeps a warehouse of recovered stolen property. We've acquired these unclaimed bicycles and partnered up with local community agencies to fix them up, and return them to children in our community


  • We've painted houses in our city


  • Donated complete holiday meals to families in need


  • Helped rebuild parks in the city


  • Rebuilt houses in Biloxi, Mississippi with our own hands


  • Delivered medication in Guatemala


  • And much more…